Some thoughts from Bodi's clients.

Thank you all!


"Bodi has excellent skills whether handling a pair of shears, hoovering, phoning B.T. about a complex case or just listening to me ( I recently suffered a stroke so this takes a lot of patience ob Bodi's part! ). Overall she is remarkable, and I could not do without her."
"I have so enjoyed doing companion gardening with Bodi. I really know nothing about gardens and mine needs some attention. We work alongside each other, Bodi shows and guides me in weeding, pruning and planting and I have learnt a lot about what to do. I love Bodi's grounded, gentle presence and her real connection with nature and the plants. She really cares about me and my garden and it is starting to look a lot brighter".
"My husband and I are quite particular people but we call Bodi 'our ray of sunshine'. She knows instinctively what to do to help, she is versatile and resilient, carrying out all manner of requests, from changing light bulbs, cooking,  cleaning and caring for our ageing cat."
"Bodi has been visiting my mum, who is 91 years old, once a week for 2 hours for the last 6 months. It is such a relief to us as she gives her company and helps with the housework. After each visit Bodi sends us an email to let us know how mum has been as she does have good and bad days. My mum is totally deaf and lives on her own, a very independent lady, and as we live 70 miles away from her she does not see many people to socialise with. Bodi takes mum to "hard of Hearing Club" once a month and is very flexible about changing her days to visit."